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Kendra Garvin,photographer & artist

My passion for photography actually comes from my passion for nature. I love being outside and looking for beauty hidden in the details. I have an impulsive sense of wanderlust and therefore travel a great deal. The camera lens is my tool to share my experiences, so others may see the world through my eyes.


Using natural elements and landscapes, along with artistic expression, is how I illustrate the natural beauty of this world. Extreme contrasts and unnatural renderings give my creations individuality.


The purpose for my work is to give people a chance to see everyday scapes in a different light, in hope that they will then start to see the kaleidoscopic beauty in all elements within the backdrops of their lives.


All ecosystems are in need of serious revival right now. The camera is one of the  most important tools in motivating people to improve and preserve our beautiful planet.


"People protect what they love." ~ Jacques Cousteau



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